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About Us

We are CERS Lifecycle,  a custom electronics recycler serving customers across the globe, operating since 2006.  Our innovative electronic waste recycling services, responsiveness, experience and compliance expertise has made us the partner of choice for a wide range of public and private sector organizations throughout North America and globally.  We are continually growing and improving our best industry operational and recycling practices, offering our clients  the most environmental sustainable and electronic waste recycling solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle.

We specialize in ITAD Asset Disposition, Electronics recycling, Secure media destruction services and logistics in our processing, consolidating, sorting, product refurbishing, and de-manufacturing centers throughout North America. Through our innovative logistics partner, we  extend our reach globally.

We are dedicated to our people and the environment we work in… Committed to providing safe, secure, ethical and efficient electronic waste recycling services and value recovery to our customers.



Electronic Recycling - E waste management

Our History


Complete Electronic Recycling Service is founded as an Electronic Recycling Company to collect WEEE from Ontario-Based municipal and B2B customers and process into commodity items.


Complete Electronic Recycling Service Rebranded to CERS International. CERS International begins to provide a wider scope of Recycling and Logistics services to include us clients.


CERS partners with global strategic partner to provide enhanced ITAD, Recycling, Media Destruction and Logistic Services throughout us.
CERS expanded its Canadian operating focusing on Refurbishing and Reuse of IT Equipment.
CERS opens a warehouse in Michigan


CERS International moves to expanded facility in London Ontario and continues to expand ITAD offerings.


CERS International  Rebranded to CERS Lifecycle to incorporate expanded service offerings to global clients.

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Our Core Values


  • We conduct our business activities and engage with our customers and partners in an open, transparent manner.
  • We provide the highest degree of administrative and fiscal responsibility.
  • We act in an ethical, honest, and professional manner.
  • We lead by example
  • We set realistic goals and achieve them.
  • We value proactive communication with and are accountable to all of our internal and external customers.
  • We ensure that we comply with all environmental statutory and regulatory requirements.


  • We provide high levels of customer service to both our internal and external customers.
  • We continually evaluate the quality of our programs and services to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We create a work environment that values diversity, effective communication, and idea sharing.
  • We value our staff for their institutional knowledge and celebrate their success, as well as provide opportunities for them to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities.
  • We encourage, appreciate, and reward excellence.


  • We are at the forefront of developing and implementing new strategies to protect our environment and the security of our customers data.
  • We make insightful recommendations that promote positive change.
  • We value innovative policies and practices that promote sustainable environmental and business practices.
  • We use the best of technology to achieve maximum outreach in an efficient manner.
  • We explore new techniques to process e-waste and material streams.

Environmental Stewardship

CERS Lifecycle is committed to:

  • Full diversion of all e-waste processed in its facilities from entering municipal incinerators or landfills;
  • Full transparency in its operations and processes throughout the electronics recycling lifecycle
  • Continuous improvement of its operations and workers health and safety
  • Maintaining industry certification for environmentally safe practices with ongoing compliance auditing by fully qualified third parties
  • Ongoing auditing of all downstream vendors and strategic partners
  • No exportation of any ewaste to non OECD-certified countries in accordance to eStewards