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IT Asset Disposition

According to Market Watch News, the ITAD asset Disposition market is projected to be worth $22,150.4 Million USD by 2026.   CERS Lifecycle will help you manage the disposition of  your retired assets through our comprehensive ITAD Program services.  First we will determine your options – recycle, repurpose of dispose of your retired assets. We can deploy advanced sanitization methods to erase your data or deploy media destruction devices to destroy your media entirely, all while meeting NIST 800-88 and DOD standards. We consistently meet all service level agreements through our comprehensive MIS tracking and reporting system. We will provide our customers these services through:

CERS Lifecycle Secure CLOSED-LOOP product processing

Complete Chain of Custody

Fully audited chain of custody — throughout the entire product lifecycle from pickup to reuse, parts separation to end-of-life recovery of materials.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Environmentally sustainable and responsible closed loop processing. We are fully committed to maintaining full transparency in our operations and processes while operating in a safe environment.

Secure Data Destruction and Sanitization

Secure Media Data destruction and sanitization. All media as erased or destroyed as per NIST 800-88 and DOD standards


Full secure, "White-glove" customised logistics solutions for every customer whether we be moving or decommissioning a data center or customer site or deploying assets across multiple locations across the globe.

Complete Asset Tracking

Complete customizable asset tracking from receipt of items, processing and disposition through to end-of life


We carry comprehensive pollution liability insurance coverage to meet the varied requirements of our customers